Our Philosophy

Avery & Greig, LLP has provided professional services for over forty years and was founded on one simple premise – personal service.  The vision was simple, yet difficult for others to match. Individuals, small and medium-sized businesses should be able to avail themselves of highly-trained accountants at prices which they can afford, yet still receive a high level of personal service.  Since 1978, our firm has grown as a direct result of our ability to carry out this founding philosophy.  We are firmly convinced that there will always be a market for quality service at reasonable fees.

About Us

The key to our success depends on how well we serve our clients.    We work hard to identify our clients’ needs and even harder to provide the services to meet those needs.    We focus our services on problem areas and recommend solutions.

The best professional services can be provided only with the highest-caliber personnel.    Consequently, we hire innovative and enthusiastic staff including college graduates and enhance their education by encouraging postgraduate work and superior on-the-job training.

Avery & Greig, LLP believes in providing a challenging and professional work environment for our employees.    Our unusually low staff turnover rate directly benefits our clients through staff continuity and the accumulation of knowledge achieved from returning on an engagement year after year.

Client Services


    • Small and medium-sized business financial accounting and consulting
    • Certified audit services and compliance
    • Estate and trust accounting
    • Creative tax planning for all taxable and pass-through entities
    • Personal financial planning
    • Asset management and retirement planning
    • Tax preparation services
    • Consulting services
    • Business management (full service for individuals)
    • Computer software
    • Business plan projections
    • Business valuations

Industry Sectors

    • Trusts and Estates
    • Real Estate
    • Financial service organizations
    • Professional service organizations
    • Entertainment companies
    • Manufacturing concerns
    • High Net Worth Individuals

What You Can Expect

We believe in giving you straightforward solutions to your problems so that you can act upon them quickly. We are keenly aware that our interests are best served if we can be instrumental in your success.


2811 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 700
Santa Monica, CA 90403

Phone: (310) 829-7654
Fax: (310) 829-7659